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  Open Access and Dissemination

The Area is aimed to providing access to knowledge in the field of social sciences and the dissemination of the academic production of researchers integrated in the network of CLACSO

The area develops and adapts various platforms, tools, and dissemination formats, strengthening the open access to research results and debates in the field of Social Sciences. It is also a space for cooperation between the Member Centers of CLACSO for joint production and the transition to new forms of dissemination of research in the Open Access virtual environments.

Main objectives:

Promote new ways of disseminating knowledge produced in the field of social sciences and of production and circulation of publications.
To contribute to the professional update and exchange of experiences in CLACSO network regarding best practices in academic communication
Promote the debate on access to knowledge produced by social researchers and encourage progress in international, national and institutional policies tools, in order to spread the access to knowledge.
Build and maintain a bibliographic reference space in the field of Latin American social sciences that allow knowledge and dialogue between different epistemological traditions. In this sense stand the development of the Virtual Libraries Network and the Latin American Social Sciences Library.
Provide to the Centers Member of CLACSO, to the scientific and academic community and to the general public, free access to an updated digital repository of social sciences, and to audiovisual productions in CLACSO TV.
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  Open Access
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